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Stephanie is a gifted medium and clairvoyant. It was obvious from an early age that she had been born with natural ability to 'see' things which others could not. An ability to hear and conduct two conversations at once became evident and she could always foresee what was ahead!

As a young child her natural interest in astrology led her to study the subject in depth, which has ultimately given her a deep insight into human nature and what makes people behave in the way they do. Astrology is a science and a natural form of psychology and this, together with her clairvoyancy and mediumship skills, makes Stephanie unique. When working with clients she is able to offer deep insight to each individual's personality and life path, as well as connecting with loved ones, who have passed on.

Throughout her life, Stephanie has guided people through many kinds of traumas and life events, that everyone experiences at different times in their lives. Her high reputation has spread both nationally and internationally, aided by a unique down to earth manner to complement her off beat humour and warmth, along with her amazing accuracy. 


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