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Aries: With so much planetary activity in fire signs you will be in your element as we journey through 2015.  So many of the health issues and family dramas that plagued you last year will subside.  Time to be you, be expressive, which you love so much and get out there to show the world what you are so very capable of.  A satisfying year should be yours.

Taurus: Phew!  What a relief we have got rid of Saturn opposing you like a shadow in the dark.  The lead is off, you can run like you have not been able to for some time.  Love is highlighted this year.  Diet, food (your favourite subject) and exercise (not so favourite) will become very important as you see yourself focussing on fitness and wellbeing.  There are still some issues to be resolved from last year, but now you can do so with clarity.  Jupiter boosts your creativity and brings new ideas to take your forward.

Gemini:  It is make your mind up time Gemini.  It has been tough.  Upheaval, uncertainty, indecision, transition, all plagued you last year.  Now this year is for real.  Time to make concrete choices over career, home, location and family matters.  You love to be content and happy in your own world and recent events have rather got in the way.  You hate to be told, and yet sometimes it is just so hard to make choices.  Saturn is your leveller this year.  It brings results, more transition, but this time much longer lasting.  What you do now sets you up for years to come!

Cancer:  Often a lucky sign.  You know how to attract, whether it be people, money, opportunities or all of it.  Slow down a bit Cancer. Luck is on your side, your efforts are paying off and people are noticing you behind the scenes, but sometimes your anxiety and even your pushiness can go against you.  Relax, this is a wonderful expansive time and good things are heading right your way.

Leo:   This is your year and this is your life Leo!  Whatever you dream of, plan, scheme or plot, then you can make huge strides forward this year.  Niggling hassles in January and the beginning of February can make you feel that lady luck has forgotten you, but no, these minor setbacks will disappear, out of the blue offers, opportunity, and money floods your inbox!

Virgo: Neptune continues to be in your opposite sign of Pisces which softens you and helps to develop your spiritual and creative side.  The downside is that sometimes you feel things drift and take a lot longer than the ever efficient Virgo would like. This year is a warm up year, Nine months of Jupiter in Leo brings you glimpses of the future, which finally begin to take shape in late August, when Jupiter enters your own sign just in time for your birthday month.  That and the autumn eclipse makes this a year to remember.

Libra:  Talk about chasing your tail.  Last year you did not know whether you were coming or going.   Lots of hard work and effort did eventually pay off, but at what price?  Take stock Libra.  You are a loving sociable being, you need friends and family around you as you are not always as independent as you think,  so this year is more loving, much more safe, and a balance of work and pleasure makes you much more content.  Your charm never fails and will help you to thrive in the work place.  Those closest to home, however, take longer to convince. Action speaks louder than words.

Scorpio: Wave goodbye to dark times.  What a tunnel of gloom you have been through.  It will take a little while to see that things are improving by the day, but your sign often takes a lot of convincing.  Seeing is believing.  Well see you will! Saturn in Sagittarius brings monetary rewards and general progress.  Matters that have been dragging on suddenly come to an end leaving you with a positive smile on your face.  Love, family, and new additions to your life all contribute to your general happiness this summer and beyond.

Sagittarius: Transformation is the key word now.  2015 changes your life as you know it.  Your energy is bursting and you will be on your imaginary horse galloping off to new horizons.  Jupiter in Leo and Saturn in your sign create a better financial position enabling you to do more and to get out there!  Socialising, travelling, study etc. will all come your way this year.  Your radiance attracts.

Capricorn: You dislike new year, but you love winter weather and the promise of spring.  Health, wealth and happiness improve greatly this year; it has been a tough time.  Sudden loss, sudden change, all rocked your solid goat fee, but now you find new pastures and you will grow with confidence.  You attract people and you now realise who is important to you and who you want to include in your new journey of life.  You should enjoy 2015.

Aquarius: For ever bouncing from one idea to the next, one social gathering to the next, this year is no exception; in fact it is manic!  2015 started well astrologically for you,  Venus and Mars stayed a while in your sign, and Jupiter in Leo boosts everything you do up until September.  Out of the blue situations are nothing unusual for you, but this year, unexpected events actually make you laugh!  Friends, creativity, extended family, all play a major part with you right at the head of it all.  Home is where the heart is and lots of projects come into being this year.

Pisces: Spring cannot come quickly enough for you.  Get rid of the cold, bring on the sunshine.  You have hibernated for too long.  The last two years have pushed you to the back of the queue of life.  This year you can move to the top. Be bold, be brave and make yourself seen and heard.  You have a lot to offer; you just hide it too well.  Neptune continues to swim along in your Chart, which sometimes brings confusion, but at other times, great inner peace.  The spring onwards of this year sees long awaited change for the better.

In general: Those of you studying or wishing to will receive help from bountiful Jupiter.   Health and wealth are boosted by Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus.  Love, friends and family are booted or boosted by the Spring and Autumn eclipses.

Enjoy 2015.







WE  begin June with a boost from Venus that enters the sign of Cancer and remains there until  the 27th  of June.  This is a good kick start to the summer months.

This brings more contentment in the home  and sunny weather.

The current trend for home baking, sewing and other creative hobbies will continue to be popular.

On the 27th June Venus moves into Leo where it stays until the end of July, this is good for money and all things commercial, as well as a general ‘party’ feel to the world.

Things become a little less busy in August as  Venus enters Libra completing te summer months with a very laid back sleepy attitude to life.

The transits of Venus this  summer are very favourable for us all.

JUPITER brings the greater change, as it ,leaves the sign of Gemini where it has been quite happy for the last twelve months and now enters Cancer where it is even more comfortable.

June 25th onwards brings the changes.  Cancer is a water sign and Jupiter will harmonise with Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio both also water signs.

The summer should be excellent for the home, money and definitely romance.

These three water signs will be working well to bring love and peace into our personal lives.

These transits will encourage us to work hard for our money and we shall all be more cautious about saving and spending.   Jupiter in Cancer encourages thriftiness and homliness.

Jupiter in Cancer is also good for those who need to study or take on new skills.

How does it affect you?


Water puts out fire. It is fair to say, this summer may see you a bit thwarted and feeling your plans are on hold.  Too much cozy domesticity does not suit you.  Plan some projects for the autumn when you have much more chance of success.


You liked Jupiter in Gemini but you will like Jupiter in Cancer much more.  This summer is all about the things you stand for and wish to attract in your life.  Hard work, money, family, days out – you will work on all of these and enjoy every minute.


 Jupiter leaves you with a nice gift.  What happens this summer sets you  up for the next twelve years at least. Career, money and love are on the up. It just gets better and better .  A new home,  a new job, or special travel, all appear now.


Brace yourselves, this is IT, this is what you have been waiting for. You will be singing the Abba songs, ‘money money money’  and ‘the winner takes it all’  all the  way to the bank. A  special year ahead.  Any sad goodbyes to the old you  will be quickly replaced with a very new you.


‘Here comes the Sun’ is your theme tune.  Sun as in weather , but Sun as in luck and love.   Moves of all kind are well aspected,  you are building yourself up for next summer when things really take off.   You cannot go far wrong this year , but one word of caution, stop dwelling too much – it does  not suit you.


All this planetary activity in water signs is a bit confusing for you sometimes,  yes you need  water for your parched earth, but you don’t need to be flooded.. This summer maybe too fast for you.   You like to take your time and reflect,  Jupiter in Cancer will certainly help you do that. You love homely things so all in all you should be more content with life now.


Jupiter in Gemini was kind to you and was helpful in many ways, it paid a few bills and put a few along awaited plans into action, now you are bored, you need to stir things up and get living again.  Water signs are not always your best choice of company.  Watch you don’t say things you regret.  Autumn will be better for you, but August brings spending again which puts you back on top form.


Hurrah.  This is all good news for you.  Life has been a bit of an uphill struggle since last October, but now it all changes.  Harmony, peace, pleasure and leisure, all the things you love just pop into place.  Money is  excellent and you will be investing in the future in more ways than one!


The last twelve months saw Jupiter directly opposing your Sun in your Natal Chart, and it was a mixed blessing.  Endings, beginnings, conclusions, good and bad all came at once.  Time to rest now. Time to rebuild. Time for love.


Venus in your opposite sign for the whole of June is excellent followed by Jupiter opposing your Sun for the next thirteen months.  This is your moment, this is what you need and wholly deserve, in all areas of your life.


Jupiter leaves your fellow air sign friend of Gemini but take heart,  the good times are still rolling and are set to roll even more.  You are never at your best in August so take a break, but June and July are stunning.  One excellent aspect of  Jupiter is it boosts your health and energy, something that has been lacking recently.  You will now be back on form.


Water water everywhere but only in the planets not in your back yard.  A dreamy summer, and a summer to plan.  Maybe a gentle push to help you get motivated would be advisable,  you may feel so laid back you are almost asleep.  You can enjoy some happier and wealthier times, July is especially helpful to you.

Stephanie x

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What should you be doing this spring? 

The Planets are lively and continue to bring change.  The new era is taking hold and many of you will find yourself in different but happier circumstances as the year develops.

Three major planets continue to dominate, namely Uranus in Aries, Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio bringing social reform as well as the need for personal change and progress.

Here is a reminder where your horoscope is taking you over the next three months;-


It is your special time of year.  No need to be grumpy.  A lot is going on and you feel uncomfortable as you might not be in control like you wish to be.

The Full Moon on the 26th March is your annual full moon and kick starts a new cycle.  The New Moon on the 8th April is even better. You know you will be fine, you always are. Just a bit more determination needed.


Spring can be a mixed blessing for you.  The lighter nights  are a welcome relief, but they also make you fret, at all the jobs that need doing and a reminder of all the projects you would like to do.  Mercury helps you enormously from the 1st May, your communications are clearer and you will leave people in no doubt as to your intentions.  The Full Moon on 22nd is a day to hold back a bit, before re-launching your energy and ideas on the world at the end of May.


Lucky Jupiter continues to shine on you right through until July, when it leaves some worth while stroke of good luck into your life.  That perfect job, a house move, or just a more enjoyable social period, runs through the spring and into mid summer.  Mars makes you a little grumpy – beware if appearing ungrateful even though you may not be. Plan ahead – so much to do – keep that notebook handy.


Spring warms you up ready for the welcome of Jupiter in your Chart in July.

The fast moving planet of Mars zooming through Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Gemini leave you a bit exhausted. A case of too much happening at once.  It all calms down to a settled happier phase in the summer. New relationships or changes in existing ones will be significant this spring & summer.


Frustrated?  Champing at the bit like a caged Lion?  Yes, so much to do, even more that you want to do, and yet it seems slow!  Look how far you have come in recent times, and the next twelve months prepare you for changes that can last a lifetime.  It all comes together now and Venus in your opposite sign of Aquarius this spring is very helpful indeed.


Neptune continues to be biting at your heels.  Added to that the New Moon in Pisces and Full Moon in Virgo in March left you feeling out of sorts.  You feel like you have been in a boxing ring.  Events have left you stunned.  Change is not your favourite thing but it is good. It is really good for you as spring develops. The new era that begins is actually what you have wanted all along.


Plans, social life, home and work all continue to play a huge part of your daily life draining you of energy and clarity.  Spring sees the Easter Bank Holiday. So stop, take stock, stop being hard on yourself.  Speak out and reach for the heavens to bring you opportunities.  Venus in Aquarius and Jupiter in Gemini help you enormously and anytime spent with people born under this sign will help you even more.


You are about to enter the best time you have experienced for a long time.

Fear of failure and past disappointments are getting in the way and holding you back.   Solutions are found, events present themselves in a way you had not envisaged but wow do they put a smile on your face.  The Full Moon on 22nd May is powerful in Scorpio combined with  Saturn.  Watch yourself on that day but prepare for celebrations shortly afterwards.


Jupiter in your opposite sign of Gemini brings you a certain amount of protection, not to mention luck, as spring unfolds.  Events that seem daunting turn out much better than you thought.  Changes to your domestic routine are smoothed by Jupiter and as you head towards your annual Full Moon in late spring/early summer, you suddenly feel able to tackle anything and anyone. You emerge triumphant.


You still find it hard to believe that this is a happier phase.  You take a lot of convincing and proof needs to be concrete, but this proof is coming.  The pressure and dark times of the past have gone.  You continue to work hard as you prefer to but the rewards are there. Your humour shines through , you will feel in a much lighter mood.


You too find it hard to accept better times are ahead, but this is a fast moving year for you and a very busy time of year.  Venus stay in your Chart right until 25th April, and that along with Jupiter in Gemini brings all the things you like,  creativity, harmony, progress, money and emotional peace.


Smile and make that extra effort. It will be noticed.  Neptune and the New Moon and Full Moon all around your birthday month left you tired, emotional and perhaps a little sad, maybe not the best start to spring so far, but as March progresses, Mercury helps you enormously and brings success to all the efforts you have made and that applies to every area of your life.  In April and May, Money improves  and you suddenly realise that Spring 2013 has actually been quite kind:


March 2013.





We welcome the New Year in with the beneficial influence of the Sun in Capricorn aligned with Pluto bringing a new clearer energy and calmer weather.

For the whole of the year Saturn remains in Scorpio,  which together with Uranus in Aries will bring some ups and downs weather wise.  It will also continue to bring some shocking headlines in the media.   Secrets from the past will continue to come out as we battle for a more truthful   society and a more honest media.   We are not prepared to be hoodwinked anymore. 

Financial news will hit the headlines too.

Royal excitement and jubilee celebrations continue to bring the feel good factor and boost tourism.  I think Kate and William will have a blonde daughter who will be very much like Dianna, giving the press a field day.  Prince William will stand firm on privacy.  He will move to London and protect his wife and child’s life and privacy fiercely.  At last there will be better romance for Prince Harry – also causing speculation in the media.

Houses, style. Décor and fashion continue to thrive.  Warm romantic themes are in.  Home cooking,  soft textiles and general comfort is much in demand.  People will want to improve their homes rather than rush to move.  Estate agents therefore may experience tough times and yet prices will begin to rise.

For all of you here is a brief look ahead:-

Aries;  Uranus and Saturn fire you up in every way.  No more holding back, no more Mr(Mrs)  nice guy, just sheer determination to succeed.  Money can be made this year. Home improvements will be high priority.

Taurus:  You thrive on hard work and this year is no exception.  Good contracts, offers and opportunities come your way. Saturn in the opposite sign of Scorpio helps you to sort out where you want to be, where and with whom.  An interesting year ahead.

Gemini:  The good times continue to roll.  The end of 2012 set you up for sparkling things ahead. Love, romance and domestic matters are well aspected.  Cosy I would call it.  You are dreamy eyed and from July onwards you get the home/life you crave for. Perfect.

Cancer:  Just hold into until July and then jump for joy.  January and July are your hot spots for the year.  New energies kick off the new year, then you coax along until July when the fun begins, giving you more fun, as well as stability in 2013 and 14.

Leo: What you want you get and what you get is what you wanted. It’s that kind of life right now.  No compromises, no arguments, just do it.  This summer prepares you for amazing results in the summer of 2014.   House moves, children, and promotion, all these things whirl through your mind.  So….what you want…..

Virgo:  Time for new ideas.  Out with the old.  Stop being staid, time to be a bit brave and venture further away from that safety ramp.  Treat yourself, spoil yourself, try something new, take up that cooking course, clear out that spare room and make it your own private space. This year, you will actually do something rather than just thinking about it. 

Libra;  With all the hassles of the last two years out of the way you can breathe.  You can also breathe new air into old ideas, turning them from negative to positive.  Style. Houses, décor and fashion are all your thing and you will just love what this year brings to your door.

Scorpio;  To be fair Saturn is not always a favourite planet. However, for you, it can do you a favour and put your life right where it needs to be.  Houses, money, career are all well highlighted throughout the whole of 2013, as Saturn stays in your sign all year.  Next Christmas will be so different from the last.  You are about to go up and up…..

Sagittarius: Venus kicks off 2013 for you, and gives a much needed boost to heath and wealth.  What you experience this year is a bit of a reminder and glimpse of the future.  Events and decisions made now, really make sense in 2014.  Lots of family stuff this year, new additions, big birthdays, weddings, etc.  A party year but also a time to reflect on where you need to be as the autumn brings the change you need.

Capricorn:  The Sun and Pluto together bring a new calm energy to the start of the year.  The usual desire to clean out the old and make way for new is even stronger this January.  Money is good and will continue to look good.  Unusually you will be in  spending mood. Some will treat themselves to a trip of a life time whilst others revamp their homes and wardrobes.  Work /career makes steady progress.  Relationships?  Well you hate change so best carry on as you are, but if you are single then that might be a whole new ball game this spring.

Aquarius: Tired. Weary. Fed up. Not your best Christmas ever was it?  Not horrible, just not as you would like it.  In fact lots of things in your life are not how you wish them to be. Well February brings a new era.  Spring and summer are fast and furious with some surprises along the way,  happily they are good ones.  New skills, new technological gadgets all set to make your daily life easier.  Get your social life back on track as that is where you thrive.

Pisces:  Neptune continues to be with you for yet another year.  Some days this planet really spurs you on and other days it just drags you down.  Neptune is the tide. It sweeps in and sweeps out leaving you confused and battered.  Family matters have weighed heavily since the autumn of 2012 but Saturn in Scorpio and Jupiter in Cancer from July 2013 makes it a watery year. The tide is turning in your favour.

Enjoy and make it your year.


Enjoy and make it your year.




Welcome to October.  This is just not like any other October, this one is bigger and better and embraces powerful changes that will affect each and every one of us.

Saturn has been in Libra for too long. It has been in opposition to  Uranus in Aries and these two mighty planets have been fighting it out for supremacy, leaving all of us drained and insecure.   Friendships and relationships will have been through make or break situations.  Some long standing ties will have been broken, and yet at the same time friendships and contacts made during the last year will have produced strong bonds that will be long lasting.

Saturn opposing Uranus has created wind and rain and explosive situations.  This will now all change.

Scorpio is a mighty sign.   It often comes  in for some bad press and most people associate this water sign as deadly, tricky, untrustworthy.  The famous sting in the tail.  This could not be further from the truth.

This water sign is one of the most loyal of the zodiac.  Full of compassion. Natural insight veering towards psychic ability.  Hardworking, diligent with a passion for routine and stability.

Saturn in scorpio will begin to bring stability in our world.  This sign is capable of great things.  Money is central to the scorpio well being.  Big changes in wealth will occur.  Banks and financial institutions will be forced to get their acts together and improvements will be maid in the mortgage and financial worlds.

Saturn in scorpio will clean up debt.

Uranus In Aries argued with Saturn in Libra all the time.  Now it would not dare. Saturn will take the lead and calm down some of this Uranian influences we have had.

Scorpio rules, the armed forces,  doctors and surgeons,  sex and fertility.  We shall see big transformations for all of these.    When Pluto was in scorpio,  Aids became headlines.  Now we shall new headlines, of medical breakthroughs and progress with preventative medicine.

The natural intuitive side will become greater in people and we shall learn to trust and use our instincts much more.

Scorpio likes the good life.  Good surroundings, fine food and wine.   Our homes will become even more important and we shall be adding luxuries and comfort to our homes.  Playing host in our own homes will become even more important.

Saturn in Scorpio will also encourage family harmony and closeness.  Put a log on the fire, light the candles and pull up a chair, is the Scorpio moto.  Good conversation and home comforts will rule.

This sign is also stubborn and difficult.  There will be clashes, perhaps with authority.  Some people will find they are subject to ‘loss’ of some kind and then quickly ‘gain’.

Uranus will continue to expand technology.  Saturn in Scorpio will embrace this.

Fashion and homestyle will be all about comfort.  Classic styles.  Natural fibres and nothing synthetic will be to the fore.

Diet, fitness and vanity appeal to Saturn in Scorpio.  Those working in the areas that make people feel good can benefit greatly from this transit.

It is powerful change.  Let us all welcome it.

How will it affect you?

Aries:    Phew what a relief.  The pressure is off.  Saturn leaves you alone and you are able to shake off those nagging problems that have been biting you for the past twelve months.  Liberation is about to be yours.   Enthusiasm and a renewed creative expression will assist you greatly.  Money is so important to you.  Now you can regain what has been lost.

Taurus:  With mighty Saturn entering your opposite sign of Scorpio your life is set to transform.   Fortunately you are not a stranger to hard work, in truth, you thrive on it. Just as well, as more work, more responsibility is heading your way.  Watch for a slight strain in close relationships,  particularly with colleagues or business partners. For those that are looking for love?  Now you will get it.

Gemini; This has been an interesting time for you and things may not have been so chaotic for your as for those around you.  Saturn will harmonise well with your sign and added to which you are still enjoying the benefits of Jupiter that remains with you until July 2013.  Make hay whilst this sun shines, Gemini, store it up and feel pleased with yourself, because  you will reap the benefits even more next year.  All areas of your life should be good.

Cancer: Saturn in Scopio and Neptune in Pisces throughout the next two years brings lots of water to you Cancerians and you just love it.  You can be a sponge and you will just thrive on all this water floating about that brings money, stability, and homliness.  Home and hearth is so very important to your sign, you can now have life your way. What a nice feeling.

Leo: Power comes naturally to you as does business and finance.  If ever there is a time for you to progress and make your mark, this is it.  Many Lions will be moving house, or taking on some big work/business project.  Some of you may take a leap of faith with relationships, or expand your family.  It takes an awful lot to phase a Lion,  you will not need to be phased, just pleased. Very pleased indeed.

Virgo: Neptune continues to oppose you with its presence in Pisces.  Perhaps the last few months have been unsetlled not to mention confusing!  Mixed emotions, mixed feelings and uncertainity whether to move on in life or stick where you are.  Saturn will wipe away this anxiety and bring in clarity with vision.  Your sign does not like delving deep into the unconscious, but now you will. You may be surprised at what you discover about yourself.  Stop hiding. Branch out and create the life you want.

Libra: Like your opposite sign of Aries, you too can sign a huge sign of relief.  You are never the best decision maker of the world. Always chasing your tail and trying to keep too many people happy at any one time. No more Libra.  You will not be allowed. From now on, say what you mean and mean what you say and follow it through.  Concentrate on your home and close relationships and the rest will slot in. Money will be more stable from now on.

Scorpio: Love or hate Saturn you cannot ignore it. It is here and here to stay for approximately the next two years. It will transform your life.  Perhaps there will be one or two casualties along the way as you fight full steam ahead for your new life.  You have been at war with the world for some time, now you win the battle and rise triumphantly.  Smile, be happy and let fate take you where you need to be…

Sagittarius: Normally your sign harmonises well with the two adjacent signs in the zodiac, namely Scorpio and Capricorn.  Now you may feel sandwiched.  A fight for freedom may occur as you prepare yourself for your own transit of Saturn that will occur in 2014. A period of great inner reflection will take place.  Perhaps you will not be such an easy going fire sign anymore. You are your own person and will be even more determined to be so. You have an opinion, you are allowed an opinion, so express it, but do so wisely and only when you are sure that what you wish to say is how you really feel as there will be no going back.

Capircorn: You like Saturn. You are ruled by it.  It is as natural as breathing to you.  You have learned from day one of life that you were born to work and struggle is often second nature to you. However, you also learned that eventually Saturn is your best friend. The one that tells you the complete truth.  You have progressed a lot since 2010, you can progress a whole lot more now.  Money and contentment are offered on a plate. Why not take a large slice this time?

Aquarius: Like Capricorn you too are used to Saturn, you are also used to Uranus, your own ruler, so no way will you be phased with what lies ahead, in fact you will welcome it with open arms at the doorway.  Bring it on please, you need it, you deserve it and you really want it.   Life has been all about everyone else. Never time for you or your dreams.  The humanitarian side of you has poured out enough sympathy to the planet, pour some for yourself and get your life on track.  You will not look back.

Pisces: Neptune in your sign continues to make your life a little choppy.  Bobbing about on the water you just do not know where you are meant to be or who with or for what reason.  It becomes clear now.  Saturn in your friendly fellow water sign of Scorpio boosts you enormously.  Some restriction may apply but this will be compensated by harmony and stability.  Take that change of direction at work or study, you know you want to, do not be timid, go for it NOW.

Obviously, these will vary depending on your personal circumstances. If you would like to know more about what lies ahead for you personally, you can book an appointment online or order your own personal horoscope!


October 2012.


Summer is coming!

May 6, 2012

The planets continue to be mixed up and at odds with each other throughout the next three months.  However the timely arrival of Sun, Venus and Jupiter in Gemini promise a bright start to June and the summer months.

Between the 9th May and 27th June we have some beneficial influences from Mercury and Venus.

The 6th May brings the annual full moon in Scorpio.  Intense, brooding and unpredictable. Perhaps a little chilly too! Best not to plan a  B.B.Q this Bank Holiday Monday!

Any tensions lurking underneath the surface will come to the fore.  Paving the way for a clearer and better feeling all round after the 7th May.

On the 10th May the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in Taurus harmonise well with the Moon in Capricorn.  A very earthy and practical combination.  A time to get things done and forge ahead with plans.

On the 25th May  Mercury  moves on into the sign of Gemini.

This really is going to be a summer to remember for Taurus & Gemini (or indeed anyone who has a strong influence of that sign in their personal Birth Chart.)

It is a time for love, success and celebrations. There might even be more money for us all as money planets liven up.

The Jubilee celebrations should kick the summer off to a good start with the extra Bank Holiday in June.  The feel good factor will return to Britain and everyone will be in a more sociable and partying mood.

The Sun, Venus, Mercury in Gemini is joined by Jupiter bringing wonderful things in June.

Neptune in Pisces will sit comfortably with this and encourage us all to be more creative  as well as inventive.  We will all have ideas and plans to make our lives easier.

On the 27th June Mercury arrives in Leo.  This is excellent for the three fire signs, of Leo, Aries and Sagittarius.  For the rest of you , beware of being too blunt or too outrageous when the feel good factor takes hold! 

Fortunately Mars in Virgo will exercise caution and brings a little order to things.  However this influence will help bring secret ambitions to then fore and many of  you will be considering a new job, or long awaited house move.

It is a summer to remember for many reasons.

The Queen, who celebrates her Jubilee of sixty years on the throne, must be congratulated.  As she is a sun sign Taurus with Leo Moon, she was born to Rule, thrive and succeed.



Why is the Moon sign so important?

Many of you know that when you come to see me I look up the date of birth of either yourself, or that of someone close to you, in order to find where the Moon was at your time of birth.  It is of great importance and I will write more about this next time. 

For now………..   Have a wonderful summer!



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