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Parties, Group and Special Events!

If you would like Stephanie to be the entertainment for your own personal function, office party or perhaps just a get together with your friends, then Stephanie will be more than happy to come along! Please ring for further details or email her.

What does Stephanie offer?

On average, these functions last around 2 hours. In that time Stephanie will give each and every single person a taster of what she does, and will offer everyone the chance to ask questions about her job and her natural ability. Unlike private consultations, these parties or special events are light hearted and Stephanie uses her quick sense of humour to make the function as enjoyable as possible. 

Stephanie requires a minimum of 10 people to attend the party so that the evening runs smoothly and the atmosphere more lively.


Book an Evening Function...

If you would like to host your own party and hire Stephanie as the entertainment, or if you'd like to enquire about prices or availability click here! Or you can telephone 07930 160946


Stephanie doing a talk at Gloucester restaurant Bearlands! 

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