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Autumn 2016

Autumn is now upon us and many of you dread the onset of dark nights. Personally I love them.  Log fires, flickering candles and good comfort food will be well on my wish list and boots.  So pleased to ditch the shoes and be reunited with my boots!

2016 has been a very strange year.  It will be remembered as the year that brought many shock deaths in the celebrity world.

David Bowie, Terry Wogan, Paul Daniels,  Caroline Aherne and many more greats have retired on to the next plane.

There has also been ugly  scenes of violence , with the atrocities of innocent people attacked in Marseilles in June of this year followed by the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris, Nice and Rouen in  France.

It has been a year of unsettled times.   The fierce debates about Brexit brought out a lot of anger on both sides of the debate.

On the positive side Great Britain did rather well in the Olympics!

The arrival of Jupiter into the sign of Libra is exactly what we all need.  This is party time, Libra loves glamour, fun, love, and all the good things in life.  Libra is also deeply caring, loyal, sensitive and perceptive.

Those who are born with Sun sign Libra, Moon in Libra,   Ascendant in Libra,  MC (Midheaven) in Libra will benefit the most.  Those who have Venus in Libra will also radiate with love and better times.  

Some of you will be experiencing a Jupiter Return and those born in 1946, 1957,1970,1981,1992 and 2005 will benefit the most from this influence.

Jupiter will remain in Libra until October 2017.

The fellow air signs of Gemini and Aquarius will feel the benefit from this transit too.

The next thirteen months is all about love, romance, weddings, together with a glut of  sloppy films. It is no co-incidence that the new Bridget Jones film hits the screens this autumn!  We shall all be returning to those romantic old fashioned relationships.

The classic hit songs Je t’aime  by Serge Gainsbourg  in 1969 and  Living Without You by Harry Nielsen 1971  were written and released under a Libra Jupiter transit .  The early laid back days of the 1970’s were brought about by this influence.

Fashion and style moves up a notch and both men and women will make more of an effort to look good. 

Homes will be colourful and sparkly.  Libra loves bling and lots of unusual lighting.

Grooming will be big business for those in the beauty industries.  New style of make-up and distinctive hair styles will be in vogue.

Libra also rules Justice and Charitable organisations so expect one or two sensational High Court high profile cases to hit the headlines as well as more public awareness of mental health and Alzheimer charities.

Communications will be fast as all Libra subjects talk at rapid speed but mistakes, misunderstandings and delays are likely  prompting  a return to old fashioned verbal communication  where people actually talk to each other.

It is a good start to Autumn and the Uranus v Jupiter match on the 18th September is a very interesting day for the Universe. 

New beginnings…….

As well as my usual work and website I also introduce my second website please take a look.

Enjoy the fruits that Jupiter in Libra will bring.



Autumn 2016


We start 2016 with the Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius bringing us  a rather heavy serious mood to start the year, but do not worry, it will get lighter, a lot lighter, in every sense of the word.

The mighty planets of Uranus, Saturn , Neptune  and Pluto remain in the same positions as they have been throughout 2015.  These slow moving giants will not make their presence known until near the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 when a new planetary picture begins all together.

House prices, finances, and the economy will continue to hold its own in 2016 but could be a very sombre picture in 2017   so make the most of investments, house moves, etc now. 

For all those of you wanting to move, or buy, a house, (Leo, Aquarius & Capricorn in particular)   need to do this this year whilst luck is still in their favour.

Those looking for love,   Scorpio Pisces & Cancer will see their romantic affairs improve dramatically.  Many of you born under these signs, will find love under your nose.  An old flame,   a friend who has been around for years, a neighbour, that type of situation will slot into place this year and this time it is for keeps.

The signs of the year goes to Virgo.  To be fair, your turn has been long overdue.  Twelve years to be precise.  So all Virgoans   and your opposite sign of Pisces  can look forward to an easier luckier time.  Career, Love and investments go well for these signs.

The fire signs (Aries, Leo   & Sagittarius)  will see opportunities land at their feet.   Those who are bold brave and ready to get out their will reap huge rewards.  Those who lack  faith and courage will miss out.  Come on Aries be bold be brave and go for what you know you want,  Leo will just land on their feet,  and Sagittarius needs to brave a little storm before landing  very nicely where they wish to land.

Capricorn always kicks off the year.  The new moon on the 8th is especially good for them and fellow Taureans.

Taurus has had a tough few years, probably since about 2009.  Huge sighs of relief all round that things are getting easier for them.  Food and creativity always attracts Taurus and Mars in Scorpio throughout January kicks Scorpio and Taurus into action to pursue their hobbies and dreams.

Many people will see that they ‘move on’   or ‘move up’  in their careers. The heavy influence of Fire in the mighty planets encourage change and rapid progress.

March sees a line-  up of planets in Pisces and   the eclipse on the 9th March helps Pisces and fellow water signs enormously.

A further eclipse on the 23rd March brings Aries   and Libra to life.  These two signs shake off the darkness that has been following them and breathe new life.

The spring is always traditionally new beginnings but much more so in 2016. Aquarius will be improving their homes and Libra and Gemini will be concentrating on their career and even contemplating further study.

Aquarius has been in a dip for about three years but now 2016 helps them to leap up and leap on.  Career and money are under auspicious stars at the beginning of the year.

Two more eclipses occur on September 1st and 13th.  This combined with Jupiter transforms the world of Virgo, Taurus & Capricorn.  A long awaited dream or financial success comes together.

Gemini people must not get too bogged down and must maintain health and fitness routines.  No bad diets or snacking for Gemini – in fact eating a lot more would boost you. Saturn opposing you all year can make you feel more tired and out of sorts than usual.  Money and home matters continue to feel more comfortable.

I always say that however the trends are during the very first days of the year sets a pattern.  This January is lively.  Mars in Scorpio.  Uranus in Aries.  Neptune in Pisces.  Jupiter in Virgo.  Saturn in Sagittarius and Pluto in Capricorn.  It can not get more  lively than that!

Wishing you all a Very Happy 2016.




On March 20th 2015 we have a super moon.  It is rare and powerful as the New Moon reaches 29’ Pisces and 1’ Aries, as the Sun leaves Pisces and enters Aries.  Mars is also in Aries. This forms a mighty powerful effect on earth and our daily lives.   The Spring equinox arrives on the 21st and we all move forward with clarity and speed.  In simple terms,   it will be like going through a quick cold shower and then jumping into a sauna and not knowing what has hit you!  Make all decisions carefully and without haste.   We have two eclipses in two weeks.   Decisions that are made will be very long lasting so make sure you make the right choice.  How will it affect you?

Aries:  Bring it on.  Turn up the shower and enjoy it.  You need this. You want it.  It is revitalising and therapeutic.  Money. Property. Health, are all re-fuelled.  Mars remains in your sign too.  A successful time is yours for the taking.

Taurus:  Not one for change, but change you will have. Embrace it, do not fight it.  This eclipse heals the past and sets you free, whether it be of a relationship, a job, a routine or all three, you will shake off the old life and welcome the new.  You can breathe the change in from the spring air.

Gemini: Vision. Clarity. Getting the picture. These are key words for you this spring, as everything in your world finally becomes crystal clear.  Just go for it Gemini and enjoy what is there for the taking. It seems daunting but actually things just slot into place just when you need them to.

Cancer: Watch your emotions, if you feel wobbly, let the cold shower of the eclipse hose you down and clean that negativity that lurks in your mind. The eclipses bring you courage, and power to get what is so easily within your reach, what have you to be afraid of? Nothing.

Leo:  Being a planner, the eclipses help you to sew the seeds of life’s garden.  No room for weeds, just healthy growth, up and up the shoots of success will blossom this year.  You love it!  Money looks like it may grow on trees after all.

Virgo:  Deception, lies, is this you or someone close to you?  Time to confront your life Virgo. Is someone trying to pull the wool over your eyes and gain through your expense?   You feel you are on a lonely path to no-where, well take heart, the next two weeks changes all that. Truth. Fantasy Fiction and Reality come together and you shine on a new path.

Libra:  You have been pushing your luck and pulling the strings of life since last October.  You push and pull and never seem to get anywhere. This Eclipse you do – and big time – stop trying to settle scores, it is pointless – just move on and embrace the lovely changes ahead.

Scorpio: what a whirl wind the last six months have been. The October eclipse changed your life, now you have reached the next roundabout, and off you go again, change and progress in relationships , raise your game Scorpio – and win!

Sagittarius: There is no going back now. No time to dwell.  Doors from the past re-open and your soul starts to see the real vision of where your dreams lie.   What you thought you wanted, may not be so desirable now, and what you in fact need, is likely to slot in nicely.

Capricorn:  You know you have the power. When do you not? Strong as ever. On you plod, digging your heels in. Eclipse? What eclipse? Nothing phases you and this certainly won’t. The world has seen nothing of your true ability – yet!

Aquarius: Your mind is ever full, now it is overcrowded.  Choices, plans, decisions, it is all there and you do not need help from anyone this spring.  Woe betide anyone who steps on your toes or who dares to offer an opinion.  You know you are right……. And right you will be.

Pisces:  This is all about you Pisces.  Many songs fit your life now………..’This is your moment’ and you are ’Moving on up’ No-one and nothing will stop you stamping your foot and winning.  Many pisces will be swimming in new waters as maybe the old water has become a little murky…… the final song will be ‘I did it my Way’.





This coming year is welcomed with great anticipation.  I think we were all rather fed up with 2014.  The life changing eclipse that took place on October 23rd 2014 certainly shook a few things up, and this will be followed by two further major eclipses, in April and October of this year.

Saturn finally said goodbye to Scorpio bringing much welcome relief to those born under this sign and their opposition Taurus. It has been a tough two years for those two signs and any relief however small is duly appreciated.

It is now sagittarius and Gemini who are in the spotlight and under the heavy direction of Saturn the reformer.

There will be a heavy influence of fire signs dominating the heavens, which should bring warmer and sunnier days.  Not so many grey skies and wet downpours this year.

Uranus continues its long journey through Aries but we are all uplifted with Jupiter in mighty Leo completing the three fire signs line up.

2014 was a dark year.  I know that so many of you were dealing with health issues, either your own, or of someone close to you.

2015 should be so much more uplifting and positive.

Saturn in Sagittarius will transform the drug world, whether of a legal or illegal nature.

Great progress will be made over the next two/three years in radical new medicines, drugs, vaccines etc.  Those suffering arthritis and other inflammatory conditions will see a breakthrough in pain relief.

A greater emphasis will be put on preventative medicines and self-help. Diets exercise and complimentary therapies will become more significant.

Laws will tighten concerning illegal drugs and raids, tougher legislation etc  will  come into force.

Other humanitarian causes such as trafficking and illegal gangs and smuggling will also be in the news headlines.

Jupiter in Leo is the one planet we all need this year. It will boost everyone but particularly Leo and their counterparts Aquarius.

This is the year of the home, so property prices, home moves, decorating projects etc. all receive the green light this year. 

The new Royal Baby due in the spring will undoubtedly promote a baby boom and huge sales in designer baby goods,  so that would be a good business to be in this year!

My own 2014 was very mixed.  Losing five people through sudden deaths was not easy, but I enjoyed a wonderful trip to France and to Rome.

Many of you kindly nag me about my writing and my books and I hope 2015 allows me time to do this.

Your continued support and regular contacts are appreciated and it is lovely my blogs reach America, Canada, South Africa and other wonderful destinations.  I love hearing all your news and updates and of course I am touched that Stephanie Lifeguide plays a part in your lives.


Have a wonderful year. To see what is in store for you in the coming months, please click here!

Party time again

The Autumn Eclipse on 23rd October is life changing, so it is time to see where your life is heading.  We had a great evening at The Old Lodge, Minchinhampton last October, but this year’s venue is Café Mon Ami, which is associated with Feel Good Factor at 10 High Street, Stonehouse.

Date:  Wednesday 22nd October, 2014

Time:  7.00 start -   finish at 9.00

There will be an interval with a bar available. Canapés will be served during the interval.

In addition, there will be an introduction to healing with Sonja from Feel Good Factor.

Tickets are limited, so please email, Facebook or telephone me on 01453 450599 to ensure your reservation.

Ticket Price£15.00 (to include canapés). 

Drinks can be purchased from the bar.






This time of year is exciting with so much change.  The seasonal colours decorate the landscape as the sun darts in and out between the falling leaves.

This unusual warm spell shocks us by night as temperatures plummet. Thoughts always turn to warmer food and winter boots.  It is without doubt my favourite season. Whatever your age or stage of life, it feels like a ‘new term’.  A new page in a clean fresh exercise book.

My work is seasonal and I know that when September comes there will be many of you facing change to your daily routine, whether it be your four year old  starting school, or your eighteen year old leaving it.  Every stage of family life brings stresses and educational changes are one of them.

For those of you that this does not apply, I still see many of you wanting to ’change’ something important in your life before winter sets in.  Many think of new courses, progress at work, or finally getting that house project finished before the in-laws come for Christmas.

On a more reflective note,  people who are single, lonely , bereaved, or just fed up with their emotional life, feel the raw pain so much more acute, as the darker nights rush towards us, reminding them that solitude is so much worse in the dark.

Autumn is ruled by the signs of Virgo and Libra.  Both of these signs push for change. The practical skills offered by the sign of Virgo blend well with the creative and energetic sign of Libra.

September and October are busy months astrologically, not least this year as we head towards the major eclipse in Scorpio on 23rd October.  This will shake all the cobwebs of indecision from us, and force us into a new way of thinking, living and loving.

From September 22nd we begin to see those changes.  Mars has now left the sign of Scorpio where it caused mischief for several weeks.

The new Moon in Libra on September 24th appears virginal in it’s pursuit of all things, new, young and fresh.  An excellent time for new beginnings for everyone but even more so for Libra, Aquarius and Gemini.

The Full Moon on the 8th October is a super moon and could cause tensions, maybe politically or world wide, as the Moon in Aries clashes with Uranus. Not the best day to speak out or to cause confrontation – you may not win!

As October progresses we prepare for the eclipse on 23rd October.

Scorpio, being the most affected begins a whole new chapter and begin to live the life they so deserve.  Money, love and power (in that order) takes centre stage preparing this sign for a bumper year ahead. Pisces & Cancer being fellow water signs, benefit from this influence.  Relationships become intriguing and more stable.

The air signs, of Libra Aquarius & Gemini embrace all the changes with open arms as they find their confidence and their energy to throw themselves at whatever they aim for and gain success.

Aries, will be feeling a little tired from so much activity in September that they are advised to lie low until the energies are restored in November. They will however be giving greater attention to matters close to home and will reap the benefits of efforts previously made.

Leo is still fired by Jupiter and nothing or no-one gets in their way. There is only one way for them – and that is up. This trend continue for a whole year. Money flows like gold now.

Sagittarius will be getting ready for the arrival of Saturn that hits their sign at the end of November.  All areas of life will be in the spotlight for them now. Those will health problems will see new treatments that can make progress,  Career and money bodes well for this sign.

Finally the earth signs continue to stand firm, pretending that nothing, not even a super full moon, can shake their roots.  In fairness the autumn is kind to them. The seasonal changes are welcomed and astrological forces just push them along that bit harder to achieve, but they won’t complain.

Finally I must thank all of you that continue to be so supportive and keep in close contact.  Throughout October all Members to my website are eligible for 20% discount when coming to see me for a one to one session.  This is applicable to you as the Member and cannot be transferred. New Members who join after September 24th are eligible for 10% discount.

Thank you all for your regular emails and daily Facebook/twitter comments.

Hope you all have a happy healthy, wealthy and loving autumn.




cannot believe we are half way through the year already! The summer solstice was a good one and the excellent weather gave us the feel good factor for the weeks ahead.

The planets have been arguing with each other so far this year. The mighty planets of Pluto, Saturn, Uranus are all in strong signs that like to dominate and control.  So a power struggle has taken place in the heavens.

On the 28th April, we had a Grand Cross of planets, which brought things to a head and helped many people onto new paths.  Clarity of thought and direction has been taking place.

During May and June the lively Sun and Venus in Gemini cheered us all up, helping communications and  making progress easier.

This week we begin the changes that take us over the next six months. The New Moon in Cancer teams up with Jupiter in the same sign and creates some lovely surprises and good fortune – even more so for the water signs of Pisces, Cancer and Scoripio.

On 23rd July Jupiter leaves Cancer with a dramatic farewell leaving ‘gifts’ and general well-being as it’s lasting legacy.   As Jupiter enters the mighty sign of Leo we are all in for some fun.

Being the sign of wealth, love, friendship and one long party – but always with a business deal in the background, we can all look forward to some new chapters where finance and daily life in general is concerned.

The signs most affected by this generous planet will be Leo and Aquarius but the rest will not feel left out.  Everyone is welcome at the Leo party.

This bountiful effect will last for 13 months.

On 23rd October an eclipse brings some calmness to proceedings and a time for reflection after such a crazy three months.   Life changing decisions regarding personal relationships take place.  Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer find true love. (Whether it be a person or a hobby or career or all three)  Taurus feels let off the heat of life and heaves a huge sigh of relief knowing that they can just get on with things. Leo continues to count the gold coins. Virgo and Libra relax more and celebrate that life is finally taking shape.  Capricorns and Sagittarius still have their Eureka moments to come at the end of the year. Gemini start to make their minds up at last and will enjoy the changes. Aquarius feels liberated. Aries lets go. Fights less. Enjoys so much more Astrology can be used for so many things.  Career. Health.  Fertility. Business and business partnerships.

For your astrological question contact me via my website or Facebook and Twitter.

Enjoy the summer.

Stephanie x 



Hello Everybody,

Easter will soon be upon us and I cannot believe we are into April already this year. Where has the time gone?

I think we are all pretty fed up of the rain and the cold and thoughts of sunshine seem far away.

I am always pleased that so many of you keep in regular contact giving me updates and I feel privileged to be part of your lives. Facebook and twitter have their downsides but it certainly works well for Stephanie Lifeguide.

I use the title ‘Lifeguide’ as I feel it embraces all of the work that I do with you and I am hoping soon to expand that side a little more.

I am always a little hesitant to say what I do when asked by strangers as it can cause very different reactions.  Thankfully they are more positive than negative, but as with all jobs, I do not particularly want to work when ‘off duty’  and I have suffered many a time when I have attended a private function, and then found myself listening to some poor soul’s woes.  So much to my amusement recently, when with a group of friends and a stranger asked what I did, my friend said ‘she is everyone’s lifestyle guru’.   I decided I liked that description very much and it has given me food for thought.

So hopefully very soon I will add a new website with this very much in mind.

My internet guru (my youngest son) is now far too busy to help me so my technical stuff takes so much longer and ends up being neglected. My own life has been very busy this year.  I have my eldest son’s wedding very soon and my youngest is finally finishing his studies.  A new era begins.

I have lots of writing projects in mind and am pleased that my novel French Destiny is currently being adapted for a play.  There will be further news on this later in the summer. I am also determined to finish the sequal to French Destiny as well as the other four novels that are all at various stages of completion.

Oscar continues to be part of the team, I am not sure just how old he would be in human terms but as he approaches his fifteenth birthday I think he needs a long service medal!

Sadly my family has suffered two sudden deaths.  Many people assume, that due to my work, I do not suffer ‘bereavement’ but I do, albeit perhaps in a different way.  Death is very hard for the living and it is not easy for me to watch people close to me go through such devastation.

Life has been so full that I have not had time to visit my beloved France yet this year and I am suffering great withdrawal symptoms.

The Planets are continuing to cause conflict and havoc.  They will  carry on doing so until the summer, but then the arrival of Jupiter in Leo sees a whole new ball game.  Obviously this is good news for those born under the sign of Leo but I consider it to be beneficial all round.

At the end of November Saturn finally leaves Scorpio so all of the water signs, Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio can enjoy some well earned respite.  It will then enter Sagittarius so I feel 2015 is a big year for business and money and all of the good things in life.

Bring it on I say…………..


Have a lovely Easter.

Stephanie x 

new year


The Year begins with  a New moon In Capricorn which is excellent for the month ahead and even the year ahead.

2014 marks the centenary of the First World War and although there is no-one left alive who served in that war, the legacy lives on and modern Britain and the live that we live now have been hugely influenced by that terrible conflict.

So much social change took place in 2014.  Women were left alone.  Hudnreds of thousands of young men – some merely boys – were killed and women had to take over the work force.

We will see social change begin again now.  Women have spent a hundred years fighting for equality and freedom,.

The biggest change of course has been technology and this continues to grow.

The two mighty planets of Uranus and Saturn remain in the same position as they were throughout 2013.   Uranus in Aries continues to disrupt the weather, brings variable change in finances, and provides continual updates  of technology.

Saturn in Scorpio will make itself felt this year.  This brings the greatest social change.  Sexual health and awareness of abuse  will have even greater exposure in the press.  People will clean up their lives and begin to take more responsibility for themselves.

Fashion will be big business and the clothing and retail industries will flourish.

So too, will  property and home improvements.

2013 was a healing year.  2014 is a ‘doing year’.

Whatever your birth sign,  whatever your circumstances,  make this the year that you do something really worthwhile with your life.

For your personal horoscope contact me on  or follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

I wish you all a very good and busy year.

Stephanie x



The Year begins with  a New moon In Capricorn which is excellent for the month ahead and even the year ahead.

2014 marks the centenary of the First World War and although there is no-one left alive who served in that war, the legacy lives on and modern Britain and the live that we live now have been hugely influenced by that terrible conflict.

So much social change took place in 2014.  Women were left alone.  Hudnreds of thousands of young men – some merely boys – were killed and women had to take over the work force.

We will see social change begin again now.  Women have spent a hundred years fighting for equality and freedom,.

The biggest change of course has been technology and this continues to grow.

The two mighty planets of Uranus and Saturn remain in the same position as they were throughout 2013.   Uranus in Aries continues to disrupt the weather, brings variable change in finances, and provides continual updates  of technology.

Saturn in Scorpio will make itself felt this year.  This brings the greatest social change.  Sexual health and awareness of abuse  will have even greater exposure in the press.  People will clean up their lives and begin to take more responsibility for themselves.

Fashion will be big business and the clothing and retail industries will flourish.

So too, will  property and home improvements.

2013 was a healing year.  2014 is a ‘doing year’.

Whatever your birth sign,  whatever your circumstances,  make this the year that you do something really worthwhile with your life.

For your personal horoscope contact me on or follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

I wish you all a very good and busy year.


Stephanie x

November blog

Hello everyone.  Winter has arrived early this year it seems.  We are all shivering and turning our expensive heating up.  Blame the planets, that’s what I say.   For those of you who talk to me regularly you know how I keep on about Saturn in Scorpio and the changes it will bring.  We still have 12 months of this mighty planet steering us on towards change.  The full moon on the 16th November is a powerful reminder of what Saturn can inspire us all to do.

2014 is a Big year and I shall write more about that nearer the time.

Many of you ask me if I ‘see’ spirits.  Yes I can, and I have many instances I could quote, but I thought you might like to read about my recent experience in Spain.

Halloween is big in Catholic Countries.  Not so much for ghostly ghoulish masks or black hats and pumpkins but for a very deep religious day where they pay homage to the deceased.  It is declared a bank holiday and people form processions through the streets  carrying bouquets of lilies and other flowers to take to the cemeteries.

The following day is called All Saints Day where parties and celebrations take place to honour the deceased.

On All Saints Day myself and my fellow travellers visited an old walled town. The sort which you climb up and up and up to the top.  Half way up my legs decided enough was enough and I sat on a wall.  One of my friends decided to sit with me whilst the rest of the party continued climbing.  Physical exercise is not my expertise!

All of a sudden a young girl, aged about 3, broke free from her Mother’s hand and rushed over to me.  Her eyes lit up and her whole face beamed as she ran towards me. She placed her little hands all over my face and repeated the words over and over again in Spanish  ‘Mama Maria’.

The girl’s Mother also stared transfixed at me before taking the little girl back in her arms.  They both touched me as they walked away.

My friend who is the most sceptical person I know was thoroughly spooked.

‘They thought you were the Virgin Mary’ she exclaimed.

So folks  ……  what do you think of that?

Enjoy the run up to Christmas.





Hello Everyone,

Sorry I haven't updated this for a while, but it has been a busy few months! However, to make up for it I am delighted to announce that I will be hosting a special event next month! I am inviting you all to come along for a glass of fizz, a complimentary gift bag and a talk by me to see exactly what lies ahead for you in the coming months!

The event will be held at:

The Old Lodge, Minchinhamtpon

Wednesday 23rd October, 7pm

Tickets are £20, however if you are a member of my site, you will have received an email entitling you to a discounted rate for this event!

I hope to see you all there - for a nice catch up!

Stephanie x 




Hi all,

Good News! My summer horoscopes are now online! Simply head over to the horoscopes to see a glimpse of what the summer may hold for you!

Secondly, my website has had a little shift around! If you wish to book an appointment online through my Full Slate system, you can now do so my clicking the 'Schedule Appointment' button on the right had side of each page. This is easier than having to go to a separate page to make a new appointment!

Finally, an email has been sent to all members regarding my latest offer for June. I gather some of you have not received the email. Please check your Junk box in your email to ensure it has not gone in there, it may be from a company called 'Full Slate' which some emails may pick up as spam. If you still haven't received it please contact me to verify you are a member and I will give you the details. If you are booking an appointment and would like the members discount, please remember to type in the promotion code, given in the email so that I am aware you are using the members discount.

Thank you,

Stephanie x 


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Spring horoscopes

My Spring Horoscopes are now online! Head over to the 'Horoscopes' page to find out a little about what is in store for you over the next few months!

Stephanie x 

NEW YEAR - New website features


To celebrate the New Year that's almost here my website is once again being updated to provide you with most efficient ways of getting hold of me and finding out all the latest news.

Booking Online

Earlier this year saw the introduction of my new online Booking System 'Full Slate' which has proven to be a huge success, so I would like to thank everybody who has used it. Full Slate will continue running this year for clients to select a date and time to come and see me for a personal consultation. Please consider that sometimes this may clash with my manual diary, however I will contact you immediately if there is a conflict of time. 

I have now added PayPal to my website which will allow clients to pay for their chosen service (Birth Chat, Horoscope etc...) easily and efficiently. To place an order for a Horoscope, Email Reading or Birth Chart, simply click on the 'Buy Now' button underneath your chosen option and you will be taken through to PayPal. You DO NOT have to be a member of PayPal to use this system.  I will notified automatically of your payment and will contact you upon receipt to confirm your order and any information I require to complete your order.

Members Area 

I encourage my regular clients to sign up to my Members Area on my website, as soon I will be enrolling new reward systems exclusively for my members, for example: discounts on various services such as Readings, Birth Charts etc... Members will also be the first to hear of my latest news, offers and events.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and I hope 2013 brings progress for you.

Stephanie x 





I am very pleased to announce today, the launch of my brand new Online Booking System, which allows all of my regular and new clients to book a one to one consultation online, at a time that suits them!

Customers will now be able to book an appointment a month in advance by selecting a date and time from the Calendar. I will then get back to you to confirm the appointment.

To find out more, or to book an appointment head to the 'Book an Appointment' page on my website!  




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EXCiting news! 

Hello everyone,

I am thrilled to announce the release of my novel 'French Destiny' under my author name 'Dominique Russell'. The novel is available to download NOW from amazon, kindle.

"Searching for a new and exhilarating life abroad together in the intoxicating sun, scenery and atmosphere of Provence, Angie and Mike sell up and emigrate but with startling and unforeseen consequences."

The novel is a Romantic-Fiction, and is available to download now to your Kindle, iPod/iPhone or even your Laptop/PC when you download kindle for free!

More novels to come soon! However, in the meantime please enjoy my brand new novel 'French Destiny'.

If you would like to preview or download a copy, please click here.




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Contact Information

If you would like to book an appointment or have an enquiry please contact me on:

01453 450599 or Business Mobile 07794 380158 .

My current adress is:

16 Bristol Road


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Website Renovation!


Hello to all my regular clients and welcome to my new website! A vast improvement on the older website, the new site includes:

- A brand new 'News Blog' on the home page, to be updated regularly.

- A direct link to my Facebook and Twitter

- A contact page, making it easier for enquiries and bookings

- A brand new 'Video Blog' to be updated regularly with miniature documentaries of Stephanie, or 

   simply, a video message from Stephanie to her loyal clients.

We are also pleased to announce the launch of our new and exciting 'Members Club' to be launched soon. This will allow members to:

- Order their own personal monthly or annual horosccope online.

- Priority on special offers

- Priority invitation to special events

- Loyalty Point Collections (Details to follow soon...)

Further details on the members club to arrive soon! In the meantime, enjoy the new website and check back regularly for exciting updates!



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